Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have sensitive skin, can I still be sprayed?

Naked Tan is a natural and organic product suitable for sensitive skin.  If you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis we conduct a small patch test to your skin. If the skin has no reaction the spray tan may go ahead within the 24 hours.

2. How long will my spray tan last?

The colour lasts from 7-10 days and naturally removes the dead skin cells. Following a spray tan, we recommend moisturizing with organic products for a longer lasting tan.

3. I have splashed water on my tan within the 2HR timeframe / I have rubbed some of my tan off within the 2HR timeframe. What should I do?

If you rub off an area of your tan or splashed water on your tan (small area only), blend the tan with a small amount of moisturiser.  Once the tan has developed and you have washed the bronzer off, your tan should be fine.  This will only work on small areas.  A larger area will need to be re-sprayed.

4. Can pregnant or breastfeeding women be sprayed?

Testing has shown that DHA does not penetrate the skin, nor enter the blood stream.  Therefore, it appears safe to spray pregnant women. However, as a precaution we suggest our clients who are pregnant seek Medical Approval from their doctor. If you are breastfeeding, ensure your nipples are wiped over before breastfeeding or better still, let us know before the tan and we can place small makeup pads over the nipple area during spray tan.

5. During my shower, I have noticed some colour washing away?

This is fine and completely normal. The excess colour that is washing away is the bronzer not your spray tan.

6. How often should I moisturise after being spray tanned?

The more the better! We advise moisturising twice a day. This will help your tan to fade evenly while keeping your skin well nourished.

7. Can I shave or wax my legs/body parts before or after the tan application?

We advise shaving or waxing at least 12 hours prior to your spray tan.  Doing this allows the pores on your skin to close up so there is less chance of black spots in the pores.

8. Will spray tan solution stain my clothes? What should I wear after my session?

We suggest cotton fabrics as the bronzer will wash out easily from cotton. Anything synthetic such as silk or rayon will need to be taken to the dry cleaners for the spray tan to be removed.  Also, the clothing should be loose.  Females should go braless if possible immediately after their spray to avoid a bra rubbing against the skin and removing the tan.

9. Can I wear make-up when tanning?

Yes! Wearing make-up is fine; however you should not wash your face for the first 2 hours after your tan as water stops the development process. We suggest applying makeup before the tanning session and have a light spray over the face.  It should be noted that make-up will act as a barrier so if you wear make-up it is likely that the tan on your face will be slightly lighter than on the rest of your body.

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